Thursday, September 6, 2012

Plano Squeeks Past Westmont 3-2 in Overtime

            This was an intense match for us tonight.  We started the game horribly and really struggled with passing and defending as a team which lead to their first goal.  The second half we came out playing much better.  Westmont still sneaked another goal past us before we started to change our style of play and took the game over.  We found ourselves in a hole, down by two goals, but we were able to battle back.  It was good to see some fight in our guys and force an overtime.  By overtime the momentum was really with us and we got a goal to finish the match. 
Goal Scorer
Assisted By
Adrian Cervantes
50th minute
Adrian Cervantes
Joel Neves
59th  minute
Joel Neves
84th minute

Goals Allowed
Time In Goal
Sual Puga
90 minutes

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