Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heartbreak Against Somonauk. Reaper's Season Ends 11-9-2

Last night the Reapers went up against Somonauk High School in the second round of regional play.  We knew going into this game that it would be a challenge.  This was a hard fought game for us tonight.  We know that Somonauk is a very skilled team.  We played as hard as we could tonight, but Somonauk just was a bit more skilled and faster on the ball then us.  It was a disappointing game to lose after seeing how far this team has come.  Our guys were pretty heartbroken to have the season end, but we can’t be anything but happy about all we have accomplished as a team this year.  We got people talking about Reaper soccer for the first time.  These guys worked hard and caused others to look and them and notice.  They broke records and played as a team.  These guys are a family and it has been great to be a part of that family this season. 

Goals Allowed
Time In Goal
Omar Barraza
80 minutes

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